Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seeking Testimonies of Prayer and Fasting

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be fasting and praying about something very important, and the thought struck me as I was contemplating the situation at the heart of my current focus that I would love to hear of experiences that others have had - particularly in situations where an important decision had to be made and the answer came clearly through inspiration derived through prayer and fasting.

Therefore, rather than write a regular post, I am asking anyone who reads this to leave a short OR long description of an experience you have had when you learned, through prayer and fasting, something that you felt was important and that helped you make a very serious, difficult choice.

Thank you in advance to all who share.


ellen said...

ray, i'll be fasting tomorrow for a different reason, but i'll align my goals with yours in asking, "Thy will be done".

this post isn't particularly compelling at your stage of progression, but maybe it will remind you, in a fasting 101 way, of the dramatic power of fasting:

adamf said...

I have had direct revelation - in words - twice (I think) in my life. Both were the results of prayer and/or fasting. The last time it happened was regarding what school to go to. Perhaps not a huge decision, but it was big for us at the time.

After ALL the hard work/personal effort to figure it out, we fasted together... and during a personal prayer I was told, rather clearly, "you need to listen to your wife." Her thoughts were quite different than what I expected, and ended up taking us further away from our families, so it was not necessarily the obvious choice. Regardless, I am grateful for messages like that, although they have never come without me doing A LOT of study and preparation regarding the choices before hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm recalling the last clear event where I can see direct cause and effect.Thirty plus years ago,when I was concerned about having to live in mixed gender student housing I decided to fast and pray about suitable accommodation-I knew this was going to be a long shot as student accommodation in London at the time was like gold dust.I did all i could to put out feelers and network through the LDS student community,which was small.Literally as I broke my fast I had a call from a friend saying there was a place in a majority LDS student house.I met my husband through a friend with whom I shared at that time,and at least in part his conversion was due to the fact that I was sharing with the ward mission leader.All these things helped me to hold the line and be married in the temple.

Fast forward,and nothing is quite so simple.I sometimes wonder of Heavenly Father has decided that it's time for us to be on the graduate program,and that now we are on our own.I guess that's OK,but it is painful and scary,and not what I had been led to believe.

I think that often we have to make our own decisions,and be prepared to take the consequences-but that's what grown ups have to do,isn't it?

The heavens aren't closed,just watching.