Friday, November 20, 2009

One Average Member Can Change an Entire Ward

Often, wards and branches take on the personality of the Bishop or Branch President. Auxiliaries often do the same thing in modeling their individual presidents. This can be alleviated by a visible counselor who has a different personality, but leadership style and personality are strong indicators of the type of vibe within a ward. That cuts both ways, unfortunately.

Having said this, I have witnessed one ward where an out-going, loving, smiling sister with no major calling almost single-handedly changed the spirit in a ward. It was impossible to be anything but happy around her -
and she was "around" everyone all the time. It is hard to describe how her spirit of joy and love affected the other members of that ward; it's hard to understand how pervasively her influence was felt. Thanks, Sis. A.

My advice:
Be the change you want to see and pray that others will follow your lead. (Just don't get judgmental about it.) Oh, and smile as you put yourself around people as much as possible.


Clean Cut said...

"Be the change you want to see and pray that others will follow your lead."

Great advice. Thanks for the reminder.

Gwennaƫlle said...

I don't see this thing about the bishop in France. Of course the bishop may have an influence on some members but most of the time the spirit or mentality of a ward changes with new generation more than with bishops.
Yet I know what you mean about one member making the difference. This person I talked about on my blog previously, Dany, has done something that I know is beyond her understanding. I know she would not believe it because it would look too much like a huge responsibility but she has done something so huge that I honestly believe this is why it seems that sisters only have boys in our ward. I really think that God has been trying to send as many future piesthood holders in this ward as possible because of her influence. I KNOW it sounds cheezy. I know! but I don't care because I am sure of it.

Michaela Stephens said...

What great thoughts in this post and comments! Very inspiring!

Patty said...

If the women of our ward are taking on my personality I think we're all in trouble! lol

Papa D said...

but if they take on your heart, they will become Zion, Patty.

Tony said...

Neat post! Reminds me of quite a few sisters (and brothers) in our ward, including the Bishop! I mean, when you have an influential Bishop, Stake President, and former temple presidency member as well as Patriarch in your ward, needless to say there are some unique personalities.