Friday, October 30, 2009

Righteous Rocking Required

I had an interesting experience at a stake priesthood leadership meeting last year. I was asked to play the piano, and the hymn was "Ye Elders of Israel". It is supposed to be sung "boldly" and at a pace that, quite frankly, rocks - so I played it at the top speed and with gusto, while singing the words exuberantly myself. The priesthood leadership responded with a rousing rendition.

After the meeting, our Stake President came up to me and said, with a smile, "I have never heard that song played in quite that way before." He then added something that warmed my heart - "Thanks."

I am nowhere close to a professional pianist, but I love to rock when rocking is required - and that can be in church meetings (even Sacrament Meeting) more than we might think. "Make a joyful noise" does include "joyful" - but it also includes "noise". Our music is one area where I wish we would open our mouths and let them be filled.


Geoff J said...

Rock on bro.

adamf said...

That was my favorite part of primary piano... any song that could be jazzed up a little was a lot more fun to play, and the kids enjoyed it a lot more as well.

Re: priesthood mtg., one time I played Come Come Ye Saints, and you know in beginning of the fourth verse that they always play slower because it's talking about death? Well, I banged it out as happy as I could, and they all loved it. Happy Days! All is Well! :)

Matthew said...

Awesome! I think most of our hymns are played and sung too slowly and too drearily. Punching it up a little bit on some of them is always a good thing.

Patty said...

It's been pitiful to listen to the music in our sacrament meetings lately. I don't know if people don't have access to the hymn books (quite possible... where have they all gone??) or if many have lost the spirit of worshipping through music, but it's sad to hear so few joining in. It's especially pitiful when I'm one of the only voices I'm hearing (yikes!)I'm busy making a joyful noise but it sure would be nice to have some other singers joining in to help drown me out!
I'm not musically talented and I don't even like organ music, but I'm still doing my best to sing for and to God. And I LOVE it when the organist or pianist plays with gusto!