Friday, August 28, 2009

A More Comprehensive Vision of the Murky

I am an analytical believer - meaning I believe first and foremost and analyze based on my beliefs. I just don't care all that much about the specifics of doctrine. I believe we "see through a glass darkly", but that we see more things than others even though those things are seen darkly. In this regard, my most basic difference with many is that I want to see a more comprehensive vision of the murky; many others want only to see what they currently see more clearly.

If I end up seeing more clearly in this life, that is a gift - not an expectation.


Thomas Parkin said...

Heya Ray,

For me it is an expectation, since the scriptures promise additional light and truth for those who are living for it. I have never been disappointed in this expectation, though sometimes the additional clarity isn't what I would have expected, or, in many cases, wanted.

Cool. ~

Papa D said...

Hi, Thomas. It's SO good to see you comment here. You know how I feel about your insights in the Bloggernacle.

I intentionally over-simplified in order to make my central point. I really do expect to see more clearly what we all tend to see darkly, but I am much more interested at the foundational level in seeing what is not revealed to others generally - even if my vision of that "additional stuff" remains unclear.

Iow, if I had to choose between seeing a limited amount with perfect clarity and seeing an eternally expansive amount "darkly", I would choose the expansive view over the narrow view.

Thomas Parkin said...

Gotcha now. You're a fox, not a hedgehog. :)

I read pretty much everything you write, mah brutha. ~

Papa D said...

Nice link. If you ever cross Missouri, let me know. Our house is always open.