Thursday, August 13, 2009

Experience Is More Important Than Understanding

"I understand the need for trust in God. Trust that He wants only our best and won’t set up for less than that but there are so many things that He cannot tell us right now. Sometimes it is not because we cannot understand. Sometimes we can understand intellectually a lot of things He would like us to know but these are things we have to learn. There is a purpose in learning.

I am currently experiencing a lot of things I knew when I was younger and I feel much closer to God in this state than in my previous state."

Excerpted from I Am a Queen . . . - (Back&then)


Christy said...

For me, the understanding doesn't come until I've gained the experience.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is profound!
Smart chick!

Ok back to serious.

Thanks for quoting me because this is exactly whant I needed to hear and this is the answer to the question to my last post I guess.

So hard to "let go".