Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Meals in the Cafeteria

I try to live absolutely everything I understand - and even those things I don’t understand yet. However, HOW I live those things differs considerably in many ways from how another deeply believing member sitting next to me in Sunday School or HP Group or Ward or Stake PEC or Sacrament Meeting lives those same things. Both of us believe the same basic things, but each of us lives them in a slightly different way because we understand them in a slightly different way.

I'm grateful to be part of a church that teaches basic principles - but in which I can govern myself.


Denise said...

For some reason I thought that this post was going to be eating meals in a cafeteria. Eh, I guess I was wrong then.

Papa D said...

Sorry, Denise. The title is a play on the term "Cafeteria Mormon". I appreciated the chuckle, however - so, thanks! *grin*

Jen said...

I like to think of our different ways of doing things as a sign that Heavenly Father celebrates and embraces differences in us. Just the fact that we have to discover how He speaks to us individually is a wonderful sign that He sees us as individuals and wants to have a personal relationship with us.

I can't wait for the day we are all reunited and remember one another again. That day will be awesome in that we will be able to celebrate all the unique qualities and personalities we once knew. Here's to that day!

SimplyMe said...

"I'm grateful to be part of a church that teaches basic principles - but in which I can govern myself."

The principle of Love in light of the temple:

Two people may hear the same story and understand love as one thing while someone else understands love as another. For one love might involve going to the temple and for another it is providing child care or transportation for the individual who wants to go to the temple. They are both acts that reflect the basic principle of love.

I struggle with the temple but I can accept where I stand b/c of the basic principle of love that I believe might be behind the ordinances. It is out of love that ordinances are perceived to be created from. It is out of love that ordinances are meant to be performed. These ordinances, being created and performed out of love, are designed to connect us to those! Ordinances are opportunities for expressions of that love that is ideally meant to create greater connectedness to God, who IS LOVE. Without love why is there a desire to be connected to God, a spouse, and family for eternity? That makes love IT. So while I cannot understand and feel comfortable about specific expressions of pure love in the temple, I can learn to feel comfortable about love as the principle that temple ordinances are seemingly predicated upon, I think. (I'm working through control issues :D).

I never thought that a person could govern themselves in this church but it seems wonderfully simple in your post. Despite the temple being an issue, I can see being ok with living out the principle of love my way and not judging those who live out their love as a temple goer. We all have different gifts and enlightenment and I think that I could be ok with that. I think it really can be that simple. Thanks!