Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Judge Righteous Judgment"

“Judging righteously” is perhaps the most over-used, mis-applied concept in religious history. I look at judging righteously as meaning making the exact same judgment that Jesus would make - based on both actions and the condition of a heart. All of us are required to judge actions, words and situations in a way that informs our own actions, words and responses, but not one of us should extend those types of judgments to the point of divisiveness, personal rejection, condemnation, or any other result that shuts the door on future fellowship - even with our enemies and those that spitefully use and persecute us.

For example, I truly hate and loath what a friend of mine did to his daughters, but I am commanded not to pass judgment on him - unless I am in a calling where that is required. If I knew absolutely everything that had contributed to his actions, then perhaps I could judge righteously, but I don’t have that understanding and knowledge. Therefore, it is not my right to pass judgment on him, even as I must pass judgment on his actions.

I don’t know enough about anyone who contributes to a blog to come CLOSE to a proper level of understanding to judge their faithfulness.


Stephen said...

Good point.

adamf said...

Indeed, judging AS Christ would is the key. Unfortunately some take that and run with it to back up their condemnation of everyone and everything that is different.

Jen said...

I agree with what you have written. The only exception I can think of is when we are specifically given promptings in relation to others. I have had an experience before where I barely knew someone but felt a distinct feeling that something wasn't right. It wasn't that long after that he ended up in federal prison. He was in a leadership position at the time I felt those feelings. I am not sure why I was given those feelings but it was an interesting experience and I realized that if it is according to the Lord's purposes He will direct us to judge, through His spirit, and avoid certain people or situations.