Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Gap Between God and Us

"God dealing with us is like a wise, loving super-genius dealing with a bunch of Sunbeam-age kids — except the gap between us and God is infinitely wider." -Bruce Webster in God's Dilemma (Mormon Matters)


Chas Hathaway said...

How comforting to know that this amazing being is actually our father! Thank Heaven God sent the Savior to help us overcome that gap - in time and eternity.

- Chas

Stephen said...

Nicely said and well remembered.

Anonymous said...

I like the cookie theory of prayer.
We ask for another cookie,God says no(cos it's dinner soon,but we don't know that),we have a hissy fit.

My son and I would always start the day by telling each other that we loved each other.Then,as eight year olds do,he got a little competitive about it,telling me he loved me more .So for a while it was'I love you'-'but I love you more ' until I told him that was hard to imagine.Then one day we had the conversation again,and he looked at me and decided that i was probably right.I had no interest in proving him wrong,only in him knowing that in actual fact there was more content and strength in our love so that he could feel it was big enough to take the vicissitudes of his challenges.This has since been working on my soul as a metaphor for our Father's love,and it's been giving me some insight into the reality of the 'unprofitable servant'.I guess I can never love my Father enough.