Friday, April 10, 2009

"Christian" or "Mormon" as a Curse

I really don’t care in the end whether someone says they are Christian or not. I care only if they try to live in accordance with what Jesus taught and how he lived - living to the best of their own understanding and ability. I prefer the Buddhist or Muslim who is living a “Christian life” to the Christian who is not striving to do so - even if that Christian is Mormon.

Arguments over being called Christian are too much like, “We have Abraham for our father,” for me. Nearly always it carries a “therefore I am saved while you are damned” implication that is the real un-Christian statement. That goes beyond just giving offense. In other words, if “Mormon” functions as a curse from someone's lips, in the true scriptural sense of the word, it’s wrong and un-Christian; if “Christian” functions as a curse from our lips, it is just as wrong and un-Christian.


Mormon Heretic said...

Interesting perspective! I have to agree with you completely!

Floyd the Wonderdog said...

I had one woman who worked for me who was "born again". She would regularly take time from the work she was supposed to be doing to witness to someone away from her work area. Telling her to get back to work did no good, because she felt that witnessing was more important. And she said that I as a Christian should know that. Then I told her that she was committing sin by not giving her employer an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. That helped for awhile. Finally she and her husband joined a bikers-for-Jesus ministry and left.

Papa D said...

MH, glad I could make you think about something new. That doesn't happen often. *grin*

Floyd, I have some interesting stories I could share from my days in the Deep South - and, interestingly, on the other extreme from my days in MA. People are fascinating - as I hope others would say of us (as opposed to how they might otherwise characterize us).

Bruce in Montana said...

Excellent insight...thanks.