Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Choosing to Tend Each Other, Body and Soul

Relief, Society - Kristine (By Common Consent)


Anonymous said...

I love this post,it reminds me of why i love my sisters so much,and resonates as i turn 50 today.I'm lucky enough to have been in my ward for 30 years now.i always found VT very
uncomfortable,both as visitor and host,but I think i started to grow up in the program and realise that it was a vehicle for something better-friendship.Of course,it doesn't mean that I can't be part of other community groups,or indeed the give and take of my neighbourhood.Sometimes we can get very stuck with a church program,but i think it's all about transcending the stimulus.I'm learning great lessons from my sisters,and we have chosen to spiritually sustain one another-I love our 30 year conversation.

Anonymous said...

Hope that doesn't sound too smug-it doesn't really reflect the struggle ,does it?

Papa D said...

Happy Birthday, M'lady!

That doesn't sound smug, at all.