Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Truly Hilarious Blog: I Highly Recommend Bookmarking It

Overheard in the Ward

I generally don't do this in a formal post (in fact, I've never done this in a formal post), but the above blog is, as my former students would say, abso-stinkin-lutely hilarious. I don't think I've found a funnier one in the entire Bloggernacle - or anywhere else, for that matter. I recommend bookmarking it for those moments when you simply need to laugh until you cry.

Also, it is participatory - so anyone can submit funny things they have heard that deal directly with the Church. For example, one of the last submissions - no funnier than many:

CTR 8 Teacher on first day of new calling: My wife and I don’t know the rules of your class so why don’t we all work together to come up with some we can follow.

CTR 8 Child: Never swim in bath oil or bisquick!

Enjoy this wonderful blog!

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Richard Jackman said...

Thanks for linking to Overheard in the Ward. We appreciate the kind words. We have a fun time aggregating funny comments and stories.

Make sure to visit daily. We post new stuff all the time.

Overheard in the Ward