Friday, December 26, 2008

Those of Us Whose Mortal Tears are Slight

Thoughts on the Meaning of the Birth of Jesus - Brad (By Common Consent)

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Unknown said...

That just hurts me. The thought that children would not be cherished, or cared for, or thought of as human. I think that the greatest tragedy in the world is an innocent child (or animal, or otherwise vulnerable being) who is treated cruelly and thereby cruelly dissappointed in his or her expectation that the world is a good place with people to love and be loved by.

I am so glad that the Savior said the several things that he did about children, and for that whole scene in the BOM where he and the angels bless them. It's reassuring to know that as a mother, my heart isn't wrong to feel the way it does about children... it's the world that is wrong.