Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ideal Communication

“You do find, every once in a while, someone who has actually thought about the same problem in a very different way”—and that can be the most important sort of catalyst: the kind that leads to new discoveries.” (Harvard Magazine)

That’s my ideal conversation when people disagree to some extent or have different perspectives: one where each person discovers something new because of the different way of thought of the other(s). I’m not interested at all in broad, sweeping generalities. I’ve heard all of them by now. I’m interested in thoughtful, nuanced discussion.


Jami said...

(Now I'm scared to make a comment. Will it be nuanced enough?)

One of the gifts my life has given me is access to many, many different worldviews. I like thoughtful discussion with non-flammable people. If people are volatile I prefer to read their opinions from afar. Experience tending burns has taught me caution. (Kinda. I can think of a few times when I've thrown caution to the winds.)

Mama D said...

Jami, every comment I've read of yours, here and elsewhere, is thoughtful and insightful.

Ray, here's your un-nuanced comment: Great thoughts about effective communication!

Tasha said...

Yep, now I too am tooooo afraid to comment. especiallay after reading about being afraid to shine(see Michelle).
I gotta go look up "nuanced" :)

Papa D said...

Thanks for the laugh, everyone.

Tash, "nuanced" most often just means "pompously elitist". Oh, wait . . . *grin*

Christy said...

Once again, I only hope to understand you Ray! There are those occasions when I can enjoy a conversation without the need to impress, outdo, or persuade another (either on my part or the other person's). Those times are wonderful - and oh, so rare.

Papa D said...

Christy, thanks for your comment - and for looking at this post from a different perspective. I should have been more clear that I was focusing on doctrinal and theological and discussions, particularly, and conversations where people disagree about something, more generally - where the same old, same old generalities get tiring after a while.

I also LOVE to "enjoy a conversation without the need to impress, outdo, or persuade another (either on my part or the other person's)." Thanks, again, for that reminder.

Christy said...

I don't know Ray, I think what I wrote applies to doctrinal discussions sometimes too!

Papa D said...

Christy, I edited the original post to specify discussions where the participants disagree to some extent - or have different perspectives. That's what I really was focused on, and it took your comments (from a different perspective) to clarify that for me.

Thanks, again.