Saturday, August 30, 2008

Correcting Without Anger

Over the last couple of days, as John McCain announced his choice for his VP running mate (Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska), I have watched and participated in blog discussions about that choice - and about Barak Obama. As I knew would happen, there were some incredibly ridiculous things said about both of them, and I found myself correcting a few commenters who were misquoting people and making outrageous statements.

On another blog I frequent, there were a couple of posts that really stirred the pot. Why is not important for this post, but emotions were roiling on both sites, and I found myself thinking over and over again that people needed to stop and think before they commented - and that people needed to check out rumors before they forwarded them - and that people needed to be respectful in their dissent.

In the midst of those experiences, I found myself more than once deleting a comment I had typed in reaction to someone else and either abandoning the response completely or modifying it greatly. Much of that was due to my focus on anger this month, and I just want to emphasize once again how much power there is in focused efforts to develop godly characteristics.


Mama D said...

Your kind, thoughtful, and measured responses to so many who wish to infuse contention and force their opinions on everyone as correct facts is an astounding characteristic. And it is one of the reasons so many people enjoy your comments and posts, and encourage your participation on so many blogs. They may not agree with you, but most recognize you are going to parse and respond dispassionately and sincerely. Through your actions, you help teach others to be more Christ-like in their own actions and blog responses.

You are a better and more Christ-like person than you were in Jan when you started your monthly resolutions!

Patty said...

I'm impressed with your level-headedness, especially in the midst of political debate! People can get crazy when they discuss politics and/or religion. I can imagine the self-control it took to back up and modify or delete some of the comments that must have come to mind.

adamf said...

Keep it up Ray. You are an inspiration. There would be a big black hole of rancor in the bloggernaccle without you.

In fact just a few days ago a comment was left on MM on my post that insinuated that I was "seriously disturbed." I wanted to really slam the person back, but thought better of it, and used my regular ego defense of humor. :) I then went to the person's blog and thanked her for her comment, and complimented her for being entertaining.

Tasha said...

Ray, could you get them to tell me why I should vote for them and not why I shouldn't vote for the other guy! ugh I am so tired of the nastiness. thanks for being such a great example! I just love you! tell Michelle not to be jealous, i just love her too!

Papa D said...

Tash, I wish I could. I also have said that about missionary work - that I am glad our missionary discussions are focused strictly on what we believe and not what others believe. We don't seek to tear down others' beliefs but rather testify of our own. That's important to me, so thanks for reminding me of it.

Rosalie Erekson Stone said...

I'm another blog reader who greatly appreciates the tone as well as the content of your comments on other blogs.

Thanks so much for your example!