Monday, June 30, 2008

A Wonderful Thought

My friend Stephen Marsh made a statement on another blog tonight that is beautiful and profound. I want to post it here without further commentary - as one of the most concise summaries of faith I have heard in my entire life:

"(In the end) all we can hope for is for God to bring us home."


adamf said...

Thanks Ray. It is especially poignant given the current state of events.

Brad said...

And hope I do

Tasha said...

Ray you must be inspired! i needed to read this tonight and Rosie needs it even more. love you.

Papa D said...

Tasha commented on my blog! No offense, Adam and Brad, but it's been years since I heard from Tash.

I will chalk it up to inspiration. It did hit me pretty strongly that there might be someone who needed to read it.