Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary, My Beloved Mi-chan

There is a beautiful anniversary tribute at the following link:

To My Wife

I met my wife 26 years ago today - June 14, 1982. I was 16; she was 15. I felt that she was my "split-apart" within two days of meeting her - and that was something I never expected or believed could happen. It was exactly like re-establishing a relationship with a best friend you haven't seen for years. I knew within a week that I would marry her - no doubts whatsoever. Once she turned 16, I never dated anyone else. We were engaged prior to my mission and her senior year in high school - and I mean a real engagement with an actual engagement ring. We married less than 2 months after I returned from Japan - 21 1/2 years ago.

We have never fought - truly fought; we have never yelled at each other; we have disagreed and had to work through disappointment and hurt feelings, but there hasn't been one moment in the last 21 years when I questioned whether or not we would be together forever - whether or not I wanted to stay with her. Not once, since that would mean losing half of who I am.

Literally, she is the half that makes me whole - the heaven I also aspire to achieve.

I posted something months ago - one of the first posts on my then new blog. If you want to read the entire thing, here is the link. (Sleep is Over-Rated) The most relevant paragraph for this thread is the following:

Eternal marriage and family mean just a little more to me at this moment, since I have caught a tiny glimpse of isolated immortality, living as half the whole she and I are meant to be. If I can’t handle each night we are apart, I can’t fathom living endlessly without her – feeling alone in a vast cosmos – sleeping in a great and spacious hotel – forever, fitfully alone. I want to live on with my arm around her – in a universe surrounded by our children – even if that means I only get a little edge of it as my own and never get enough sleep.


Mama D said...

Ah, to be so eloquently concise!

Thanks for sharing Sam's letter to his wife. That was incredibly touching.

Even more, thanks for sharing with me the tremendous gift that is yourself.

Maybe we are so good together because we complete each other -- just as I am the half that makes you whole, you are the half that makes me whole. You truly are my split-apart!

Love Eternally, your Mi-chan

Stephen said...

That is sweet.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing good marriage love stories. It gives me hope. It is the most important thing in the universe; it is the form of heaven. I also read your entry about seeing God in . . . everything. Nice. -- MaidservantX