Thursday, November 22, 2007

There's Always Room for Thanks

Today could have been a real stinker. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday - particularly for those like me who like to eat way too much in the company of friends. When you are stuck at home, fighting illness and pain, on a day when you should be kicking back and enjoying the company, it's not quite the same.

Having said that, there are some things for which I am thankful about the day:

1) Being able to spend it with my wife and family, even in sickness and pain. I wouldn't trade that company for any other;
2) Having Brett come over tonight for some "real" Thanksgiving dinner - after being subjected to a "healthy" dinner;
3) Having "Walshie" come over with a pie and spend a few hours being adored by my girls;
4) The power of the Priesthood, through which my pain was decreased almost immediately;
5) Good friends who brought us the leftovers and allowed our children to have a real Thanksgiving dinner;
6) Dave and Corbin, for exercising their Priesthood in our home;
7) The Gospel that provides the foundation for recognizing the blessings of this day.

There is more, but this is enough to make the point. Even though the day was far less than perfect, it still was a day of thanks.


Louann and Bari said...

So sorry you were a bit under the weather on this great day. Sometimes you need one of those days (of being under the weather) to FULLY appreciate all who are around you who love, support, and nurture you.
Our best to you and yours this holiday.

ANTSYLLI said...

I am also sorry that you were not feeling up to par yesterday. Eric can share your pain. He woke up feeling ok, but as the day progressed, he got worse. We had dinner with my sister's family in Indiana and when he finished, he gave some of it back---kind of like a bad tip! It was then that I noticed he had a fever. We left and I drove home. His blood sugar was over 500 and his fever was 101. After a night of rest, several units of insulin, some serious pro-biotics and lots of water, his fever is gone and he is feeling better. Now he is just tired.(I am sure it was because of the battle he fought over the infection-and the high sugar) His sugar was under 200 this morning, which isn't great, but sure beats over 500. He wanted to die last night---I'm thankful he is alive today. We hope you are feeling better, too.

Patty said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. If I had to miss Thanksgiving, I think I'd re-schedule it! (Who says it has to be on a Thursday??!!)
What a great list of things to be thankful for. I love hearing you talk about your wife and the love you two have for each other- you're both an inspiration to me!!