Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Temple - and So Much More

There are multiple lessons embedded in this story - so many that I won't try to articulate them here. As soon as I read it, I changed the focus of my talks tomorrow (yeah, I will be speaking in two wards tomorrow) and felt impressed to link it here. Please visit the linked site and read it, then return to comment here.

Wedding Story


Louann and Bari said...

Thank you for sharing.
Being from a non-member family, I often think of those whose families cannot go to the temple with their loved ones.

ANTSYLLI said...

Amazing story! I love to see how the Lord works to heal our wounds. No better place to do this than in the temple where (hopefully) our spirits are the most receptive. What a blessing for those families. Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

Such a contrast to my own experience. When the temple worker came to get us for the ceremony, she said they had already had to pass around the tissues TWICE because there was already such a strong spirit of joy and confirmation of the rightness of what was happening.

I am glad that the healing did begin. I am a realist, however, and I believe that wounds that deep take time, and effort on both sides to both show and accept sincere love.

Papa D said...

That, Leslie, is one reason why I didn't try to elaborate on all of the lessons I saw in the story. There are SO many buried throughout it.