Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Rainbow Is Better than an All-White Wall

“Diversity is a strength, not a division. 

I attend a lot of meetings where I’m the only woman. And I attend many, many meetings where I’m the only Oriental woman. You can perhaps imagine how that feels. Have you ever had the feeling that you’re the odd one, the different one? Maybe even too odd or different for this church? The truth is that you’re not odd; you’re special. 

When white light falls on a wall, it makes a white wall. But when it passes through a prism, that same light makes a rainbow on the wall.”

-Chieko Okazaki, "Lighten Up", p. 4


Glenn Thigpen said...

I understand the direction of those thoughts, but I would like to point out that light, white light, is the combination in equal parts of the primary colors. It is the blending of diverse colors. The prism shows us what is inside, that each color is unique. That is the way I see the gospel. All of us are unique, but we all can blend to form a cohesive unit in spreading the gospel and making it work in our respective spheres. Of course, this is an imperfect analogy. But it is the idea.


Papa D said...

I beleive we are saying the same thing, in spirit, Glenn. The primary point is the same as Elder Wirthlin's orchestra analogy:

We need diversity of all kinds in the Church for it to be what it is supposed to be.