Friday, August 21, 2015

What Do You Love about Mormonism?

I have been asked the title question often, and the following are the first few things that jump to mind. I would love to get personal input about how anyone who reads this post would answer the question.

1) The core, base, foundational theology: "I am a child of God" is powerful and meaningful to me - because of the eternal growth / progression it teaches. "Becoming" is important to me - far more than traditional, verbal praising. I also LOVE that I can see the theology as far more universalist than many members believe.

2) The focus on strengthening families - even with the corresponding issues that focus can cause. I would like that focus to be expanded to focus on all families, regardless of their composition, but I like the focus.

3) The complexity: I love the fact that I have to think actively in order to build my own faith, but I'm wired that way. Conversely, I like the fact that so many others don't have to struggle actively to find a faith that resonates for them.

4) Generally speaking, the people: Mormons tend to be good, sincere people, and I like being around and with most of them.

5) The Church's welfare system: This one is personal to me, since I have been unemployed and helped more than once in my life.

There is more, but these are the ones that hit me first.

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Anonymous said...

Very refreshing of my faith Ray, sometimes I need that.