Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Don't Love People if We Won't Interact Postiively with Them or Serve Them

Complete love is not a feeling; it's an action verb. 

We can't say we love anyone unless we are wiling to interact positively with them and accept them for who they are, not just for whom we want them to be.  We don't have to approve of everything they say and do, but we have to let go of personal judgment and serve them regardless. 

If we won't associate with certain people - or if we only associate with certain people to change them, we don't love them.  We might love the concept of love, but we don't love them.


Kirsten said...

Well said!

Justin said...

The interesting paradox is that when we seek to change people it says more about us than the person we're trying to change. Using that realization as a catalyst for our own introspection and subsequent change is the core of the Gospel IMHO.

Anonymous said...

How can we say we love people if we want to nuke them into oblivion?