Friday, February 21, 2014

Anger Can Be a Gift - for a Short Time

Anger can be a gift - for a short time.  In the freshness of real, justified anger, motivation and strength can be found to address wrongs that need to be addressed.   

After that initial time of empowerment, however, anger inevitably becomes a cancer.

Continuing anger (anger to which we cling past the constructive time period has passed) is FAR different than real, lasting power - and cancer sucks.

Just something to consider.

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Niklas said...

This reminds me of the words of Orson Pratt:
“Anger is a passion wisely given to intelligent beings, intended for a good purpose; but it is one easily perverted by fallen beings into an instrument of much evil. It is a passion pertaining to the Almighty, who is angry with the wicked every day. Righteous anger is a feeling of indignation against sin, a feeling of justice, a feeling that the evil doer merits punishment. This kind of anger is justifiable, whether it exists in the bosom of God, angels, or men; but anger founded upon any other principle is sinful. ”
(Millennial Star, 28:473-475; July 28, 1866.,11872 )