Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Personal Request: Employment Opportunities

I usually don't use this forum to make personal requests, but I am doing so today: 
Over the past two years, total undergraduate enrollment at the college where I have worked in Admissions has reached it's highest total ever, and the freshman retention rate last year also was the highest ever.  I am very proud of my role in those accomplishments.  However, due to budget concerns and a desire to maximize the operating surplus, the college is enacting budget cuts - and, in the case of the Admissions Office, my position was eliminated this week as a result.  Thus, I find myself looking for a new position. 

I have a resume, along with references and letters of recommendation, that I can send to anyone who wants to receive it.  To receive a copy, email me at: (raydegraw at yahoo dot com) - the same address that can be used to let me know of any available positions. 


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't know of anything but wishing you all the best in what has to be a hard time.

ZD Eve

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Papa D,that really sucks. DH and I have just come out of two years unemployment, and along with the other terms of unemployment that we have had, it's bad news for our pensions also as well as having been very difficult to survive. We have by now spent mission and college funds, and had a daughter' wedding slap bang in the middle of it. But here we are.
It has been a great and maturing experience for our family, as have the previous periods of unemployment. We were cash poor but time rich.Easier for me than for my husband as my self employment put me in a position where I could comfort myself that I would be able to pick up work as soon as I was well enough. But I'm also aware that our savings got us through.I'm not sure where we will be financially by this time next year, times are hard for everyone except those at the top of the food chain, but I respect your desire to provide for your family and will be aware of you in our prayers. Wish I could say something more constructive.