Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Greatest Threat to My Family: ME

The greatest threat to my family - Norbert (By Common Consent)


ji said...

I think Norbert is one of the greatest strengths of his family, not the greatest threat. Any man who tries is a credit and benefit. A father need not be perfect, only diligent.

Papa D said...

I agree, ji - on all counts. I think one of the main reasons Norbert is such a good father (and man, in general), is that he is aware of the primary impact he has on his family - which is the point of this post.

Richard Alger said...

I love this because I am really the only thing I can control when it comes to my family and, well anything.

My reactions, my actions, my becoming. As I focus on those things I have control over and incrementally become more Christlike, I will be more a blessing for my family and less a danger.