Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Searing Commentary: In the Case of Great Evil, Prayer Is Not the Answer

The Brutal Truth about Penn State - Charles P. Pierce (Grantland) 

The article linked above is a searing commentary.  The scandal it addresses came to light just over a year ago, and this is the best, most insightful description I have read of why I was so . . . uneasy . . . about the way everything was handled as the details came to light.  I linked a few months ago to an article I read about the adulation of athletes and coaches that resonated deeply with me, but this one is even more direct and blunt than that one. 

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I am not prone to hyperbole - and this article might seem hyperbolic to some people, but I think it is incredibly thought-provoking and challenging in its directness and simplicity.  The author's main point is something I believe we all need to recognize and confront - and I agree that, above all else, the care and concern for the victims in cases like this should outweigh all other considerations.  Period.


Patty said...

He really hit the nail on the head with his commentary, especially with the idea that a wound can't be healed until it's been cleansed. Truth hurts, but only for those who are trying to deny or hide from it.

Matthew said...

I think the article is dead on. Plain speaking might make many uncomfortable because it addresses the darkness of the human soul and the true extent to which we cause suffering, but to speak around it for our own comfort's sake is to deny the voice of the victims.

There are many evil things in this world, and we must recognize them and speak plainly about them so that they can be dealt with and the healing can truly begin.