Wednesday, February 29, 2012

10 Things about the LDS Church and the Gospel for which I Am Thankful

Not in order of importance:

1) What I call “pure Mormonism”. I’ve never found anything as mind-blowingly awesome, and I’ve been exposed to just about everything imaginable.

2) The concept of eternal unity. Being married to your “split-apart” is wonderful, but the belief that we will not be split apart again is even better.

3) The Word of Wisdom’s clear warning about addiction peddlers in the latter days. The rest can be debated ad infinitum; the focus is prophetic to the core.

4) Our own family’s Christmas star experience. (Sorry, no details here.) God truly does know the major events of our lives before they unfold.

5) Our children, both biological and otherwise.

6) My parents. (I have shared the story of my father’s sacrifice for my mother, and I can’t express adequately my thanks for that legacy that is uniquely Mormon.)

7) Some very difficult challenges that only make sense in hindsight; hence, the concept of enduring to the end.

8 ) The chance now to wake up each morning excited to go to work. (While my work is not LDS-related, getting here to it absolutely was – in a weird way.)

9) The chance to teach Seminary to our daughters in our home – and the secondary effect on our younger daughters. 

10) The fellowship of the Saints, flawed though it may be - which includes all of you who read my thoughts here.

Just wondering: For what things about the LDS Church are you grateful?


Matthew said...

I am thankful for the deep and profound theology, which only gets deeper and more incredible the more I study it:

- for the sense of perspective the plan of salvation offers me, helping me to deal with the varied trials of life.

- for the power of revelation.

- for the power of forgiveness, and the strength that comes from Jesus in helping me to forgive.

- for the inclusive universalism comprised in the doctrine of the restoration - it gives me hope.

- for the idea that we can be sealed together as a great human family, in one enormous chain of being.

- for the concept of both a God the Father and a Goddess the Mother, and the hope that I can become like them.

Finally, for the people I have met through my association with the church, many of whom have sacrificed much for me, giving me examples to lean on when I was still weak.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Richard Alger said...

'“pure Mormonism”. I’ve never found anything as mind-blowingly awesome'

I couldn't agree more.