Friday, April 1, 2011

Spiritual Time Thieves

When I speak, I don't like to waste any time - mostly because I believe in the importance of what I am saying. Every second I spend not dealing with the topic and my own take on it is a second I spend wasting the listeners' time - and I don't have the right to waste anyone else's time.

Introductions, jokes, sappy analogies, visual aids, long quotes, even scriptures - all of these things are not important when compared to the insights I can offer. My own life is far more important and interesting and enlightening than these other things that make me a spiritual time thief if I let them take precious moments from my allotted time.

This is true especially if Sunday falls on April Fool's Day.
*GRIN* I hope I gotcha with this one!


FelixAndAva said...

I do wish people would heed this during testimony meetings. Sorry, but listening to someone blubbering their way through rambling autobiographies or bragging about all the goodies in their lives under the guise of giving thanks for same, then tacking on an obviously rote mechanical perfunctory sentence or two about some Gospel topic is NOT spiritually beneficial to hearers.

Anonymous said...

A recent teenaged convert was asked to speak in church. She did a magnificant job. In Seminary, I asked, "How was Rylie's talk? What did she do right?" We then pointed out how she did not waste people's time talking about how she was asked last week to speak, etc. The only story she told was about her own grandmother and was directly to the point. She closed with her testimony. Positive reinforcement.