Monday, February 28, 2011

Judging Yesterday's History

When something happens today, tomorrow I can get multiple newspapers and watch multiple news programs that discuss what happened yesterday. Chances are I will read multiple and even radically different explanations for what happened - yesterday.

Yesterday is history, and yesterday is messy and disputed. Compared to yesterday, the 1800's are a completely different universe. Anyone who says our Church history is clear and easy to understand simply doesn't understand history.


Richard Alger said...

What a great illustration.

Anonymous said...

Say, I just really like this post! I'm likely to remember and use that comment. Unfortunately, I am likely to either forget who to give credit to for the idea or find giving credit a bit too intrusive on the discussion.

Either way, thanks a bunch.

(I followed you over from and I thank you for your remards there as well.)

Papa D said...

Thanks, Rich - and Anonymous. I really like Jeff's blog, and I'm glad you followed me here. *grin*