Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Tremendous Charity that I Believe All LDS Stakes Should Consider Supporting

As I have written this month, my New Year's Resolution for this month is to exercise a little more faith in the redemption of Jesus Christ.  I have been thinking about that topic all month, and I read a post that crystalized for me an aspect of "redemption" that I have not pondered enough in my life.   

As I was thinking about how to introduce the post I have linked below, it struck me that one of the most important aspects of exercising faith in the redemption of Jesus is to accept His life as my example and do for others what He did for me - to believe that He can "redeem" me from my "natural" desires and make me into something that I would not become on my own and, through that belief, extend that same belief to others.

One of the most striking things about Jesus' ministry is that he served it among the poor, despised and rejected.  As a friend online once phrased it, he created a "kingdom of nobodies".  Sometimes we forget that part of the "redemption" he offered was very practical - "redeeming" IN THIS LIFE those whom others had discarded. 

In that light, I am linking the following post that appeared only two days ago on By Common Consent.  Reading it has had a profound impact on me, and it is going to take some time to digest exactly what that impact will mean - but, in the meantime, I want to share it with everyone who reads my blog. 

Approaching Zion: Solving the Problem of Malnutrition - nmiles (By Common Consent) 

If I can do nothing else to assist, at least I can share it with my own Stake leaders and those with whom I have a small degree of influence.  If you are touched as I am, please consider sharing it with your own stake or ward/branch leaders. 


Richard Alger said...

I don't mean to belittle this charity. It pains me to know that so many suffer and die.

How do we know that this charity it the best means to relieve this suffering? Is there somewhere that lists the accounting practices they use to ensure integrity and minimize embezzlement? Is there a trustworthy institution that scores charities? What is the ratio of dollars that get to those in need?

Papa D said...

It might not be the best way, Rich, but I really like what I have read about it. As far as the overhead, my understanding is that there essentially is no overhead - that the funds are deposited directly into accounts accessible to the church member administrators in the local areas.

Is embezzlement possible? Sure - but that is true even of tithing and fast offerings, theoretically.

If you want more information, google the charity. There is lots of information online.

Richard Alger said...

I do not mean to accuse where I have no reason. I was just looking for some way to judge fairly this charity. I would like to support it but do not wish to be foolish.


Papa D said...

I understand, Rich. It is cool.