Monday, December 7, 2009

I Have No Clue, but I Am Grateful

Today is my wife's birthday, and I want to write about something on a personal level of which I have NO clue whatsoever on a broader level. Please pardon my deviation from the normal focus of this blog while I do so.

I believe strongly that my wife and I knew each other prior to meeting in mortality. I believe that God had a hand in arranging for us to meet here on this earth.

I do NOT believe that is the case for all - that we are predestined to meet the only person with whom we are meant to spend eternity. I accept fully the idea that we can be happy with many potential partners and reach unity with more than one person. I do not believe Mama and I are "special" in any way. I just believe we knew each other prior to this life and we met through the direction of the Spirit, at the very least.

I am aware of the complications that belief creates for many. I am aware of the pain our situation might cause those who can't say the same of their own companion(s) - and those who have not found a companion in this life. I am aware of how unfair it seems or unbelievable it is for some.

In the end, however, all I have is my own experiences with Mama - my own immediate and unequivocal reaction - my own feeling (deep in my heart and conscious to my mind) that I was not making a new acquaintance but rather renewing a relationship with my best friend - my own assurance within days of meeting her that I had found the person I would marry eventually (and her un-admitted realization of the same thing) - my own total lack of temptation to do anything that would jeopardize an eternal relationship, while yearning deeply for a full and totally united relationship.

It would be easy to say that I don't have a clue why our lives played out as they did and we ended up meeting each other at such a relatively young age. I can trace the events that led to our meeting, but, relying purely on my intellect, I don't have a clue why those events occurred exactly as they did.

All I know is that I am convinced to my core that I met my ancient split-apart - the other half of my eternal whole - my best eternal friend from whom I had been separated at birth - that summer morning 27 years ago. On this day, her birthday, I want to thank God for that meeting - and acknowledge my personal conviction that He played a hand in making it happen.

I love you, Babe.


Patty said...

I think you two were exceptionally lucky to have that feeling confirmed and to be able to be together again! What a tremendous blessing for you and for your children.

Mama D said...

"I met my ancient split-apart - the other half of my eternal whole - my best eternal friend" ... and my life changed forever.

I am grateful for His hand in bringing us together, and for His love in granting us the agency to decide what to do after this "chance" meeting.

Thanks, Sweetheart. I love you!!

Velska said...

It's pretty much the feeling my wife and I have. April 30th, 1976 I met her and fell in love deeper than I ever thought could be possible.

When I had resolved the issue of her not feeling the same, I prayed the one last time to either give me a sign, or then help me forget my pain. I wanted to do what the Lord wanted.

The next day I get a card from her, hand delivered, saying that if I asked again, she might reconsider. I didn't have to think long what she referred to. She had had a revelation of her own. She needed to know that I hadn't accepted the gospel because of her.

Well, seven years for Rachel, seven years for her. She's my Rachel — I don't have a Leah, the way things work these days, and I'm not Jacob/Israel. Just a stubborn sob, who is not easily diverted from a goal.