Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution - 2009

Just as I did last year, I am instituting only one New Year's Resolution again in 2009 - a variation on my 2008 resolution I described in the New Year's Resolution post at the beginning of last year.

As I said in that post, the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus' penultimate sermon (what I consider to be the blueprint to perfection) and will be my focus again this year. Moving from Matthew 5 to the rest of the Sermon on the Mount, there are some things listed in chapters 6 & 7 which I feel I don't need to make focal points in a resolution. However, I still will blog about them - as I focus on obtaining the characteristics where I feel I still need to improve the most. Those things are listed below in parentheses (following the actual resolution).

The following is the plan for this year:

January: Search for ways to help others without recognition, blogging about the general concept - not about the specific examples. - Matthew 6:1-4
February: Pray more fervently, daily. - Matthew 6:5-13
March: Forgive more fully and immediately. - Matthew 6:14-15
April: Fast more fervently, weekly during this month. - Matthew 6:16-18
May: Judge less often. - Matthew 7:1-5 (Lay up for yourself treasures in heaven. - Matthew 6:19-23)
June: Ask God more for specific desires. - Matthew 7:7-8
July: Treat others how I want to be treated. - Matthew 7:9-12 (Beware of false prophets. - Matthew 7:15-16)
August: Bring forth good fruits through a stronger connection to the Vine. - Matthew 7:17-20
September: Seek for and do the will of the Father. - Matthew 7:21-23
October: Refocus on the Beatitudes. - Matthew 7:24-27
November: Refocus on prayer and fasting. - Matthew 7:24-27
December: Refocus on serving others. - Matthew 7:24-27


Stephen said...

Nicely done.

adamf said...

I especially like the one for January, when coupled with praying for guidance regarding the help, i.e. seeking God's will on what needs to be done, which I'm sure you are doing. While I am not one to claim revelation on these matters, I often pray to "be guided" in my activities, even if I will not be aware of it at the time.

Without asking for this guidance, I have caught myself (even when not seeking recognition) feeling some pride about the good I have done. A Tibetan Buddhist teacher I was reading once described this as "advertising" to one's ego, or something like that. I don't know if that makes sense, but it basically means that I sometimes feel too proud of my good deeds, when really the glory belongs with the Father, and his Son.

Good luck this year! I was impressed last year with how consistent you were in keeping track of it all.

Jami said...

I have to say you did a great job on your resolution this year. I'm truly impressed. I'll be following along in 2009 if my Internet doesn't fail me.

Papa D said...

Thank you, Stephen and Jami.

Adam, I really like that concept - avoiding advertising our ego. I'm sure I will use it somehow in the future.

Patty said...

I'm always impressed with your list of resolutions, and I love how you've broken them down and do them month by month. What a great example to all of us!