Thursday, September 4, 2008

More on Unity

I believe a HUGE part of the disconnect in many discussions about unity and will is the general assumption that “doing the will of God” somehow means “having God dictate one’s every action” - essentially allowing Him to act in a Calvinistic puppeteer role. When you change the paradigm and focus on the will of God being a very broad accomplishment (growth toward eventual perfection / complete wholeness - or bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man) as opposed to an obsession over minute details - such a difference in perspective completely changes the discussion. It goes from an OT checklist of actions (where unity means robotic sameness) to a NT change of heart and refinement of effort - which allows me to “give my will to God” in my own unique way while gaining perfection for my own unique soul.

Due to my view of God's will, I have no problem with an injunction to submit my will to His.


Christy said...

I wish my mom could have read this years ago when she was on her mission - she struggled with the commandment to "be as one" because she and her companion had their struggles. She did learn this lesson through personal revelation, but you stated it so beautifully.

Christy said...

By the way, how about sharing some of those stories from you mom?

Rob and Crys said...

I always enjoy reading your thoughts and they always make me take a moment to ponder. Thanks tons.

Lance said...

Hello big brother,

I have been most remiss regarding communication with you and yours. As you so aptly stated in one of your posts, life does become hectic if and when we allow it to.

I wanted to let you know, that I have read much of what you have compiled/posted here. I am, as usual, very much impressed with your intellect and insight regarding the impact that spiritual matters may/should have on an individual's earthly existence.

BTW - As a younger sibling, there are many of our mother's stories which I am certain to have missed out on. As Christy stated, "how about sharing?".

Papa D said...


(Sorry, everyone else. I appreciate your comments, but this is my little brother - in age only, btw!)

I will think about posting some of Mom's stories, but in all honesty I will need to try to remember specifics. I am a "big picture" rememberer, and I have a hard time with details. I remember clearly the general messages (e.g., that there are strong personalities who disagree on lots of things and only publish official statements when they reach a consensus), but it might take a while for me to put together anything with more detail.