Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Not My Responsibility - Right?

I had another interesting experience today - one that I would have handled very differently last month than this month.

I woman living in Covington somehow called one of the women who works in our office - on her personal cell phone, which is not listed or connected in any way to our business. She isn't looking for services, but instead is looking for a bed. She is legally blind (can see a little), and she just had to get rid of her mattress. She has been sleeping on the floor; there is a shortage of available furniture through the regular United Way source; she wondered if we could help her get a bed.

We can't - not directly. I knew that when I spoke with her, so I gave her the phone number for the office in Northern Kentucky that serves her area. When I hung up, I couldn't get her out of my mind - and something hit me like a ton of bricks.

She had told the woman in our office that she didn't know how she had gotten that phone number - that it must have been "the grace of God". I have no idea how she got it, but I did know that there was one thing that I could do just in case it really was the grace of God.

I am going to figure out how to get the phone number for the Bishop in Covington and explain the situation to him. If the Lord really did have a hand in getting this woman connected to me, I will have given her comfort that cannot be found anywhere else. If not, at least I did not walk away from an opportunity to comfort someone who definitely stands in need of comfort.


Elder Samuel Bennett said...

Do Bishop's Storehouses stock mattresses? Because they should.

Anonymous said...

Many Bishop's Storehouses do have these type of items. We have a Deseret Industries here in Portland, Or. I have referred several of the needy in our area to that along with a Bishop's order for mattresses and bedding. Lacking that resource, a Bishop could use fast offering funds to fill the need.
By the way, DI is not allowed to give used mattresses so all such items are new.

Ray, good luck in your attempt to contact the Bishop. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. contact me at bishopwyatt at gmail dot com.

Leslie said...

You have really opened my eyes to the needs of those around us. I hope to be more sensitive to opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Ray, thanks for your support in another place. It means a lot. I wasn't exactly in mourning but I am touched by your defense of my integrity.

Thanks again.

Papa D said...

*Strike up the instruments - highly emotional voice* . . .
"That's what friends are for . . ."

Cheap shots are cheap shots, and those who deliver them should be made to pay a little for doing so. The "seeking to be more poor in spirit" me hesitated a bit, but the "stow it you hypocritical troll" me won out in the end.

Bertemus Dorsi said...

Hey, old man. That's a cool story. Hopefully you help that woman. =o

As for seeing me this weekend

93 Wick Oval Apartment 2104A
Youngstown, OH, 44502

From there I'll easily be able to show you not only my fan-dubby-babulous house, but also where the show is.