Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feasting with Family

From a friend: "On holidays we make tremendous efforts to return to our parents’ home and join them and the rest of our family in feasting. These are among the most joyous times of our lives. We do the same thing every Sunday, by coming to our Father and partaking of a sacramental meal with Him and those that we love."


Patty said...

I love that comparison! I had never thought of the sacrament that way and I'm so glad you brought your friend's viewpoint out.

chelle said...

What a great way to express Sacrament. Sure makes me want to be there more often when you put it that way! (not that I don't want to anyway) But, it does put a new spin on why we are going and fighting with little ones for 3 hrs. :D (yes, I said 3hrs..I am in Primary :D )

Mama D said...

This really hit home for me. I like the analogy of the sacrament as a family feast, for we are His sons and daughters. Thanks for sharing.